Duluth to Host Hands-on Workshop on Historic Masonry

Saturday, June 1, 2019 from 10:00 am to 04:00 pm

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Saturday, June 1, 2019 from 10:00 am to 04:00 pm
Preservation Alliance of Minnesota
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Homeowners or property owners with masonry elements in their buildings are encouraged to attend the upcoming workshop in Duluth: Introduction to Historic Masonry. A partnership project between the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota and Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps, this workshop will introduce homeowners to common issues with masonry and will teach basic repairs you can do at home.

Introduction to Historic Masonry will be held on Saturday, June 1st at Harrison Park and taught by masonry expert Mike Braun. Participants will join Northern Bedrock AmeriCorps members in learning about materials and techniques while working on the park’s historic stone wall. Topics include laying brick and spreading mortar, removing mortar joints, re-tucking pointing, mixing mortar, replacing or relaying stone, and pouring a cap for the wall.



This class is sponsored by the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota (PAM) and Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps. PAM is a statewide nonprofit organization that leads and inspires people to connect to valued places in their communities. PAM's education program connects people with the tools, resources, and experiences they need to take care of houses and places they love. Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps is an AmeriCorps organization based in Duluth which seeks to develop enduring workforce and life skills through service learning in historic preservation and community stewardship.

These programs have been financed in part by the Historic Preservation Education Foundation and the State of Minnesota's Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the Minnesota Historical Society. 

Registration is $40 for each workshop and is available online through the Preservation Alliance of MN website: www.mnpreservation.org/services/education.


Introduction to Historic Masonry

Saturday, June 1st, 10am-4pm

Harrison Park

3002 W 3rd St.

Duluth, MN 55806

General Admission: $40

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Preservation Alliance of Minnesota

Phone: 6512939047 6512939047

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